Product Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing products for home category, Home textiles, Décor, DIY, Furniture, Apparel, Stationery and toys, the sourcing action for us is not only driven by our customer’s requirements but also we offer our own design and PD inputs based on market trends and market intelligence.

Vendor Selection & Alignment

We are convinced that right partner selection is of prime importance and we do this keeping below in mind:-
Product / Material Specialization, Capacity and Capabilities, Business volume, Technical expertise and investments in technology, Organization Structure, Systems and Process Adherence, Market Share, Financial Strength, Expansion / Future Plans, Sustainability Initiatives, Social Compliance , Adherence to local laws, Can ship both Direct import / Domestic

Product Design & Development:

We first listen , fully understand and then go ahead on new projects. Speed is key here and we work together with factories to ensure compliance of Specifications & committed completion time.
Assign PD project to carefully selected supplier, Agreement on Confidentiality & Proprietary information, 100 % adherence to requested specifications / materials & design, Offer additional alternate solutions based Product, Re- engineering for a more commercially viable product, Involvement of Technical / Regulatory / Packaging Compliance team, Ensure developed product meets all performance / Function tests.


This being a key deciding factor for the eventual product performance in retail & comparison with your competitors before any programme is awarded, we with our experienced team can be a great value add!!!
We Carry out cost negotiations on your behalf, We Understand & monitor various cost affecting factors, We Support any cost transparency tools, We Ensure agreed price validity is followed, We Assist suppliers to proactively book raw material / currency and encourage timely planning.

Production Planning, Management and Quality Control

Our team understand the Nuts & Bolts of the trade and follow systems and procedures to ensure timely completion of committed programs strictly following all parameters carrying out following actions-
Pre production product audit at factory with QA and Merchandising, Address / Highlight product / Packaging /quality related issue / concern, Ensure Supplier’s understanding of Product / Timelines / Test Protocols, Follow up using time and action calendars, Approval process of Production Samples & Packaging, Online & Final Inspections following AQL Level 3.5( or as specified), Simultaneous submission / clearance of product & packaging by designated Testing Prescribed Labs like BV, ITS and SGS, Supervise cargo booking, Ex Factory and timely handover at port, Provide accurate information at any point of process


Our supplier selection and recommendation is based on the strict and careful analysis of basic aspects of compliance as per international standards. We are very particular about factories following no child labour policy, maintaining healthy work conditions , ensuring minimum wages, and compliance for us is an ongoing and continuous improvement at factories.